Dunreidy Engineering has been in business for over 27 years and we are continuing to grow in size and expertise.

Our reputation for success is due to our exceptional skilled team of people, many of whom have been with the company for over 15 years. Our extensive knowledge, expertise and relationship building skills enable us to exceed client expectations through excellent customer service and support, therefore contributing to our continued growth and worldwide success across a range of industries.



Dunreidy primarily worked with Glanbia for the first 2 years, then branched out their services to work with Pharma, Chemical and other Dairy and Food industries.

In the early 1990’s Dunreidy won Mechanical and Electrical turnkey contracts in the UK followed by Hungary, USA and China and had built a solid client base of Multinational companies in Ireland and overseas.

In 1999 Dunreidy opened a Fabrication facility in Kilkenny, Ireland and it was at this time they recognised the need for a Hygienic solution for Cable Containment in cleanroom and process room areas.

Dunreidy designed and developed a world class quality stainless steel containment system called Hycon. Patented, manufactured and distributed by Dunreidy, Hycon offers superior quality, flexibility and reliability which is why it is now regarded as the leading solution in cleanroom cable containment systems across the globe.

At our Kilkenny base around this time we commenced manufacture of Skid units for the Pharma, Chemical, Food and Drinks Industry.

Since the start of the new millennium in 2000 Dunreidy’s business has continued to grow with a devoted and competent workforce building an innovative and turnkey company that can tender, win, execute and deliver major projects safely and within agreed timelines in Ireland and overseas.

Dunreidy will continue to invest and develop new products and solutions for its customers through our continuous R&D Development programmes keeping us at the forefront as a unique solutions provider.


It is Dunreidy Engineering’s policy to manage our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We will endeavour to protect the quality and diversity of our environment and continually improve our performance in this regard. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We will work with all government agencies regulating our activities, and with responsible citizen organizations within the communities we serve.


We have been delighted to have worked with some of the biggest medical device, pharmaceutical, and  food and beverage companies worldwide, but don’t take our word for it.
Read what our clients have to say.

“The quality of your product has given us considerable creditability and has opened doors for us that we were unable to achieve previously.
I personally would like to thank you for your help. It has been a pleasure working with a company like yours.”

Jim Kistler, President

Electra-Save, INC.

“Our objective was to install a system suitable for cleanroom areas and sufficiently adaptable to enable us to access instrumentation and equipment dispersed amongst congested pipework. With respect to these criteria I would consider the chosen system to have been totally successful.”

John Gardiner, Electrical Engineer

Ivax LTD.

“When visiting the site our clients process engineers took an inspection walk through the clean room facilities. After about 45 mins I (being the project engineer for process instrumentation and clean room installation) was called immediately to the project managers office. The clients engineers were very worried that we had not installed any process cabling or conduits in the clean rooms. It was with great pleasure that I could inform them that we were actually 85% complete in all rooms and that the installation was so discrete that they had not noticed it.”

Des Currivan, Process Engineer

Pharmadule (Eli Lilly Project)

“The Company’s excellent Health & Safety record on site was underpinned by their huge respect and commitment for the Health & Safety of all personnel on the Glanbia Belview Project. Their culture of Health & Safety is driven by a strong, well trained team of Senior Management, Safety Management, Supervisors and crafts. It was a pleasure to work with Dunreidy and I would recommend them for other works.”

Cormac Cremin, Safety Construction Manager,


 “Having worked with Dunreidy Engineering Ltd. on numerous projects and also used their services in the maintenance field, I have always found them to be courteous, efficient and their adherence to detail, professionalism and health and safety performance to be nothing less than exemplary and would have no hesitation in recommending them for any project, be it electrical, mechanical or any combination of process M&E.”

Mr. Michael Kane, Maintenance Engineering Team Leader,

William Grant & Sons Irish Brands Ltd

“Dunreidy Engineering Ltd. place a big emphasis on construction safety, constantly ensuring that their staff are competent and fully aware of site and national safety standards. We can recommend Dunreidy Engineering for contract electrical and process instrumentation for any manufacturing facility.”

Marcus Davey, Lead E&I Project Engineer

Schering Plough Corporation

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