Here is a list of typical applications for Hycon:

>  Installation of open rated cord or cables such as SWA (Steel Wire Armour), Olflex, Cy, LiyCy, Belden, etc.

>  Installation of pneumatic tubing

>  Installation of signal and data cabling


Typical fabrication services requiring the above-mentioned applications would include:

>  Power wiring

>  Signal and control wiring

>  Instrumentation wiring

>  Pneumatic systems

>  Automation and data systems

>  Control Stations

>  IT Equipment

Hycon Applications


We have worked with many clients to deliver bespoke solutions to specific requirements. If you are looking for something bespoke or customised, contact us today to discuss ways in which we can develop custom applications.

Here is a list of some of our specialist stainless steel fabrications to date:

>  Customised isolator and control station support plates, including bracketing

>  Various cleanroom panels for flush mounting

>  Various junction boxes with a variety of different conduit entry sizes

>  Specialised flashing plates for a variety of industrial sockets

>  Various size pneumatic manifolds with a variety of sizes and number of outlets

>  Various customised bracketing assemblies

>  Various vessel ring assemblies

>  Metric to NPT adaptors

>  Hycon to NPT special interfacing product pieces

>  Trunking specials

Custom Fabrications

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